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We are Beck MEtall.

Well-trained and motivated employees are the heart of every company. Nothing works without them. And that is why we at Beck Metall are particularly proud of our team, which sticks together even in challenging times and works tirelessly for the success of our customers. Get to know us!

Claus Widmann (CEO)
Tel: 07171/92640-0
Fax: 07171/92640-202
Mail: c.widmann[at]

Benjamin Grupp (CEO)
Tel: 07171/92640-15
Fax: 07171/92640-203
Mail: b.grupp[at]

Michael Mack (UMB/AV)
Tel: 07171/92640-12
Fax: 07171/92640-204
Mail: m.mack[at]

Ben Engel-Hegemann (Quality Manager)
Tel: 07171/92640-29
Fax: 07171/92640-205
Mail: b.engel-hegemann[at]

Martina Hägele (Accounting Manager)
Tel: 07171/92640-14
Fax: 07171/92640-207
Mail: m.haegele[at]

Mario Krizanovic (Production Manager WII)
Tel: 07171/92640-21
Fax: 07171/92640-208
Mail: m.krizanovic[at]

Reinhold Eberle (Warehouse / Shipping Manager)
Tel: 07171/92640-35
Fax: 07171/92640-206
Mail: r.eberle[at]

Jörg Bannack (Shipping / External Processing)
Tel: 07171/92640-18
Fax: 07171/92640-40
Mail: j.bannack[at]

Edith Milasincic (Head Office Manager)
Tel: 07171/92640-0
Fax: 07171/92640-40
Mail: e.milasincic[at]

We are always happy to come up with something for our customers

Our customers, that is you. Companies who value trustful cooperation and appreciate precision. For more than 70 years we have been working in metal construction for companies from the following industries:

That is what we believe in

Everyone needs a drive. Everybody needs something from which they will not deviate at any price in the world. We would like to work qualitatively perfect and stand 100 percent behind our products. At the same time we want to remain flexible and innovative. We want to be a reliable partner for our customers, work transparently and do our part for a better environment. And we think that can be achieved.

Claus Widmann